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Fabricated Polyisocyanurate Foam Insulation from IFIIFI fabricates and stocks polyisocyanurate foam sheet and pipe insulation in a variety of facings. Our polyisocyanurate is ideal for a wide variety of low-temperature applications in commercial and residential environments, including:

  • Commercial refrigerator and freezer insulation
  • Tank and vessel insulation
  • Refrigerated transportation insulation
  • Pipe insulation
  • Duct insulation
  • Equipment insulation
  • Foundation, wall and roof insulation
  • Sustainable construction


  • Superior thermal efficiency per inch of thickness in applications from -297° F (-183° C) to 300° F (149° C)
  • Moisture-resistant and water repellent
  • High dimensional stability and fire resistance
  • Environmentally friendly and uses recycled materials

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